Who We Are

Humphreys & Associates, Inc. is a team of experts who work to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government institutions. Our core specialties are in the areas of court administration and rule of law, but we are also well equipped to support efforts to improve the delivery of public services outside the justice sector. Our overarching goal is to help build the capacity of our clients to provide the highest level of service to their constituents and stakeholders.

The centerpiece of our approach is a collaborative process that relies on interviews, group discussions, observations and measurements to develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ operations and goals. We then identify performance gaps and inefficiencies, and devise solutions to close those gaps. We work closely with clients on an integrated approach to performance improvement and emphasize the use of quantitative indicators of output and productivity to measure the effectiveness of our innovations. Finally, we assist in the implementation of sustainable performance solutions and assist clients to incorporate systems thinking and related tools into their institutional repertoire.

The firm was organized in 1997 in Washington D.C. and is certified by the Small Business Administration as a veteran-owned small business. The consultants who make up Humphreys & Associates have worked together for many years, and all bring extensive experience at a senior level in their various related fields. We provide our clients with the technical skills and analytical methodologies to meet their specific needs, and we strive to leave a system in place that will be sustained and supported over time. Humphreys & Associates has worked in Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Georgia, Morocco, Nepal, Romania, Serbia, Tajikistan, Zambia and the United States.

Top: Interviewing Supreme Court of Zambia staff members in Lusaka about case management techniques in November, 2008. Middle: Role playing exercises in Customer Service Training in Zambia, 2012. Bottom: Meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs, Zambia, 2011.

1321 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Washington, DC 20003  Telephone: 202/277-8934